Do you know…

How bedding design for rigid pipe is different from bedding design for flexible pipe?

Does your contractor…

Know the five keys to successful VCP pipeline installation?

Do you understand…

How pipe material selection impacts the cleaning options for your system?

Whether you are an engineer with questions on design, or a contractor installing VCP for the first time. Logan Clay is willing and able to assist you. We offer a wide range of literature and educational seminars for engineers, maintenance personnel and contractors.

Many of our seminars qualify for PDH credits. Contact our office to obtain the resources or training you need to ensure a successful project or improve your knowledge of sewer pipe materials.

Logan Clay Products is a proud member of the National Clay Pipe Institute (NCPI). We offer a variety of NCPI materials that are designed to ensure successful installations. We are only successful when your sanitary sewer is designed and built to serve the community for at least the next century.

We offer educational seminars for system designers, contractors and maintenance professionals to ensure long-term success. We customize presentations to your specific interests and needs.

We will work with you throughout the design and installation process to ensure success.

Contact our office to arrange for an introductory Materials Comparison seminar, a Contractor’s Primer seminar or a Long-Term Maintenance seminar.

Seminars qualify for PDH credits.