Logan Clay Masonry Products

Don’t settle for an imitation. Specify the best: Clay chimney tops, flue liners and wall coping from Logan Clay

Logan Clay Masonry Products are sold through distributors, many of whom we’ve worked with for years. Our experienced staff understands the needs of distributors.  Our total production volume (from pipe and masonry products) allows us to offer very competitive pricing.

Enhance the Natural Beauty of Your Home.

Chimney Tops, Flue Liners & Wall Coping

Clay chimney tops have been a mark of quality homes for centuries. Logan Clay chimney tops are manufactured of the finest natural materials, including premium clays, and are handcrafted to our exacting standards of beauty and precision.

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Logan Clay Products has a rich history spanning over 130-years.

Logan Clay

Founded in 1890, Logan Clay Products, LLC has a rich history of manufacturing clay products in the United States - going back over 130 years.

NO-DIG® Pipe

Trenchless installation with vitrified clay pipe is the most environmentally responsible method of installation, and vitrified clay is a naturally sustainable product.

Pipe Products

Logan Clay makes the most durable pipe you can install. It resists corrosion from more types of aggressive chemicals than any other pipe material.