Adding a New Connection or Repairing an Existing Line

Whether you’re adding a new connection or repairing a damaged section of pipe, the process is the same.

Two couplings will be needed for each new section of pipe to be installed. Couplings are available in 4”-12” diameters. Larger sizes are available by special order. Clay pipe fittings can be furnished without bells for easy installation.

The replacement branch can be a plain or O-Ring joint pipe.

Shielded rubber couplings are recommended.

Step 1

Using a diamond blade saw or chain cutter, cut out desired length of pipe for insertion of branch or repair section of pipe.

Step 2

With section of pipe removed, slide rubber couplings onto both pipeline ends.

Step 3

Insert branch or repair section.

Step 4

Slide rubber coupling over the center of joints and tighten. Joints are now watertight and shear resistant.

Installation of point repairs should follow ASTM C12 Standard Practice for Installing Vitrified Clay Pipe Lines.